Cannabis lab testing is something that should be done by any quality Orange County dispensary or other dispensary providing medical-grade, quality-standard marijuana. These dispensaries have a social responsibility to provide quality product to their customers. There are many points that should be considered when it comes to knowing more about the importance of lab testing. By knowing these points, you can make a more informed decision on which Orange County dispensary provides the best quality product.

South Coast Safe Access

South Coast Safe Access was the first Orange County dispensary that is legally able to obtain testing on their products. This testing is then certified when the product is of the quality standards that it needs to be in order to be labeled as a medical marijuana product. As the first dispensary in the area to provide this, many of the others may not have the same certification standards set in place.

Remember, if the marijuana product is not tested, it is not medical-grade product and it cannot be sold as a medical marijuana product. This service is a bit more expensive, which may mean that certain dispensaries may not provide it, but South Coast Safe Access is one of the dispensaries that does currently provide testing and can show results of these tests on each strain.

Importance of Lab Testing

When marijuana is lab tested, it is brought through a series of tests to find out the potency, purity and other factors that make up the strain that it is. In order for it to have the right medicinal effect, it has to meet the specific standards that are set forth for treating that specific symptom it is intended for.

These tests provide different results based on the product being tested. Generally, you will know how much CBD or THC per milligram the product has in it. This not only provides enough information to make you feel more comfortable when purchasing a product, but you will know that purchasing one product might have a stronger effect than another.

Lab testing can tell a lot about a product or a particular strain of the product. The testing that is done can also tell how strong a product is and what it may be able to help alleviate if a user was taking the product. This is the most helpful part of having a product lab tested. While one strain and potency might be better suited to someone with a high amount of pain, another strain might be lower in potency and help to calm the nerves after a panic attack.

Each lab result is printed and then provided back to the dispensary. This result sheet is then able to be provided to those customers that come in requesting further information regarding the specific strains of marijuana that are being sold within the dispensary and which may be most helpful for specific ailments depending on symptoms.

Testing for Quality Assurance

If you think about the fact that those farmers that grow beans, strawberries and a series of other plants, put them through a series of tests and procedures to make sure that they are in the perfect condition to go to the hands of the consumers that will consume them, then it might be easier to understand why lab testing is important.

Consuming the marijuana products means that if they are not of the highest quality standards or tested for them, just like these berries, lentils and veggies that we consume, may cause different issues. This quality testing is done on a number of products, so it just makes sense that those medical related marijuana products undergo a series of tests to ensure the quality and purity of the product overall before being sold to the general public that come into the dispensaries.

An independent, accredited, licensed testing facility should be used for all of the testing that is being done on the products. In order for the results to be validated and certifications for the products to be awarded, the lab facility has to also be an accredited place that does quality testing.

When purchasing marijuana from an Orange County dispensary, always choose one that provides testing on their products. Without this lab testing being done, the product is not a medical-grade marijuana product and it should not be sold as one. It is not medicine without the proper testing and certification. This is what provides further information on how the marijuana works and what exactly is found within that particular strain that is being used.