Wow! 2020 has been one hell of a year hasn’t it? Who knew that the end of the world would happen in slow motion? Over the past ten months, the headlines have been a barrage of bad news with seemingly progressive levels of suck. First Australia was on fire, then World War 3 almost started in the middle east. A virus appeared seemingly from nowhere and led to unprecedented shutdowns around the world. The United States was quickly engulfed by the virus leading to lockdowns in major cities located throughout. Civil unrest followed a few months later, after police murdered an innocent man. Peaceful protests turned into riots and they have been going on ever since. The recent presidential debate was a joke and frankly an embarrassment for this country. If there was ever a reason to start smoking or eating weed, then it is now. The best thing to do is to stick with quarantine, stay home, get high, and pass the time with these classic stoner movies that will make you laugh the blues away. At least for a little bit, you can forget that the world is burning down around you.

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

This 2004 stoner comedy film is a modern-day classic! Join Harold and Kumar on an adventure to the original spot for the munchies. After getting high they both see an ad for delicious White Castle sliders and make it their mission to get them. Many ridiculous misadventures ensue such as Kumar getting bitten by a raccoon and eventually running into Neil Patrick Harris along the way. The events that take place in this movie are crazy and make almost zero sense, but they add up to an extremely high laugh factor. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle will have you laughing and smiling so hard your cheeks will be sore. Be sure to get extra baked before flipping this laugh-fest on. Better yet, go on your own adventure to grab some of those delicious sliders at the local grocery store. Unless you are lucky enough to be near an actual operating White Castle. If that’s the case, we hate you!

Pineapple Express

Another modern classic brought to you from the world’s best stoner duo, James Franco and Seth Rogan. Together they bring you one of the funniest movies about marijuana to date. Pineapple Express is a hilarious story about a drug dealer and a drug buyer getting wrapped up in a huge murder conspiracy. The events of the story are just about as ridiculous and funny as you can imagine. The characters are also spot on and will have you laughing hard at every moment. This one is best enjoyed with a bong in hand or maybe a handful of edibles. Heck, why not both? You’ll forget about all the chaos outside with this wildly hilarious stoner film!


Truly the classic and hands down the best stoner movie ever made! Friday is absolutely hilarious and perfectly makes use of the best stoner characters to ever grace us with their presence. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker make an awesome comedy duo portraying Craig and Smokey. These unemployed stoners spend all day hanging out on the porch watching the goings-on of the neighborhood on a Friday. Things get weirder and weirder as the day wears on culminating in some extremely hilarious moments. While the first one was by far the best it did spawn two sequels, Next Friday and Friday After Next. The entire trilogy is a perfect way to spend the entire day high, snacking, and laughing the entire day away. For fun do it on a Friday and join the legends in a good time!

Cheech and Chong: Up In Smoke

Well, we throw the word classic around quite a bit, but this one for real is the OG classic. Cheech and Chong are the original stoners and represented the counterculture movement coming out of the 70s. Back then this sort of stuff was considered extremely taboo and weed was looked at like harder drugs are nowadays. Up In Smoke revolves around the misadventures of the titular stoners. As you can see not a whole lot has changed in 42 years when it comes to the formula for a good stoner movie. Be sure to grab yourself some reefer and roll up a doobie to enjoy this one the proper retro way. Groovy!

Dazed and Confused

If you have never watched the 1993 stoner comedy film about life in high school during the 70s just know you would be a lot cooler if you did. This movie is loved by millions around the world and is not only funny as hell, but also has a killer soundtrack. If you are looking for a great movie to keep you laughing while jamming out with a joint then turn this flick on. Follow the adventures of high school friends on their last day of school before graduation as they try to make it to the party that night. The stories quickly result in some funny ass scenarios and lines that will make you relive your teenage years. If you are looking for a trip down nostalgia lane whether you are born in the 70s, 80s, 90s, or beyond then be sure to check this one out.