Clearing Cannabis Convictions in California

Clearing cannabis convictions in california

Prop 64 was passed back in 2016. It legalized personal possession and consumption of weed. Clearing cannabis convictions in California is also an important component of the law. Unfortunately, this was an aspect we’ve seen very little of since then. In fact, there are still thousands of people incarcerated and with criminal records for non-violent […]

The Rise of Black Market Marijuana

The rise of black market marijuana

The illicit market of cannabis has existed for a while. Back in 2016, it was proposed that the legalization of marijuana would help drive down the illicit market since people would be able to buy without fear of criminalization. Thus, Prop 64 was passed with high hopes. With this, it was extremely surprising to see […]

California Cannabis Businesses Angry Over Tax Raise

California cannabis businesses angry over tax raise

California cannabis businesses angry over tax raise may cause a disruption in our cannabis market. Many cannabis operators are frustrated and tired of trying to compete with illegal cannabis markets while paying growing taxes. As a result, many businesses are considering taking matters into their own hands. Some are even suggesting their own “California Weed […]

L.A.’s First Black-Female Owned Dispensary

L. A. 's first black-female owned dispensary

As we roll into 2022, the cannabis industry continues to grow. It’s only been a few years since recreational marijuana was legalized in California. Prop 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults, was passed back in 2016. Since then, hundreds of cannabis businesses have built themselves up and catered to consumers here […]

California Offers Cannabis Equity Grants

California offers cannabis equity grants

As we move forward with the decriminalization of marijuana and potentially legalizing weed at a federal level, California’s state government is working to adapt. It’s great to see the progress we’ve achieved when it comes to the stigma and criminalization surrounding weed. On the other hand, it’s important to acknowledge the other side of the […]

3 Ways Illegal Cannabis Hurts Wildlife

3 ways illegal cannabis hurts wildlife

California wildlife may be in great trouble and danger thanks to the illegal cannabis market. Despite the legalization of Prop 64, which proposed the end of the black cannabis market, the illegal cannabis business is still quite prevalent in California. Many cities are still working hard at solving this issue. For example, in Costa Mesa, […]

Illegal Marijuana Farms in California Deserts

Illegal marijuana farms in california deserts

The cannabis black market continues to function in California, even though marijuana is legalized. Since Proposition 64 passed back in 2016, marijuana and the retail sale of it have been legal. Yet, the illegal sale of marijuana continues to prevail, especially in the High Desert area of California. These hot, desolate areas work well for […]

Cannabis Farmers Protest in Sonoma County

Cannabis farmers protest in sonoma county

Cannabis workers in Sonoma County participated in a protest in early September. The cannabis workers and their allies gathered outside of the Board of Supervisors’ office in Santa Rosa. They were there to protest cannabis cultivation regulations, along with cannabis taxes. These new implementations are a result of the tension between the neighborhoods and cannabis […]

Cannabis Workers Unionizing in 2021

Cannabis workers unionizing in 2021

Labor unions are organized associations of workers, often in a specific trade or profession, formed to protect and further their rights. They are active in many parts of the country. They also extend to various trades and markets. In 2019, the percentage of wage and salary workers who were members of unions was 10.3%. Many […]

Best Public Places To Smoke Weed in SoCal

Best public places for smoking weed in socal

Welcome to Southern California! The weather is always nice, our highways are always packed, and our beaches are always sunny. Sometimes, you just want to go out and enjoy a nice joint. California is lovely, so why not enjoy it with some extra green? So what are the best places to smoke weed in SoCal? […]