Cannabis Industry Lacks Women and Minority Representation

Cannabis industry lacks women and minority representation

It seems that the fight for cannabis has always been a revolutionary one. The constant struggle against the system to legalize weed has been fought by advocates and activists. This may be the reason why many people associate activism and social justice with cannabis. Unfortunately, the cannabis market does not reflect these ideas. In fact, […]

Cannabis Entrepreneurs from California

Cannabis entrepreneurs from california

Lately, the cannabis industry has continued to grow. Especially with the recent legalization in several states. We can see this happening in states like Virginia and New Mexico. This legalization trend in the U.S. has opened the door for those who want to start their own cannabis business. Additionally, the growth of the cannabis industry […]

Sacramento’s Cannabis Equity Program CORE

Sacramento's cannabis equity program core

The city of Sacramento created a cannabis equity program dedicated to assisting individuals and communities facing barriers to starting a cannabis business. These barriers may be due to historical disparate enforcement on cannabis crimes throughout the years. Social inequality in the cannabis industry and surrounding cannabis crimes is not new. Sacramento has a predominantly white […]

Perfect CBD Gifts for Mother’s Day

If you’re having trouble deciding on what to give your mom for Mother’s Day, CBD products are the way to go! Moms go through so much and give so much to their families, it’s only fair to gift them something that will lift some weight off their shoulders. CBD products are great for winding down […]

Amazing Women-Owned Cannabis Businesses

Women-owned cannabis businesses

The cannabis industry has been booming in business and in just a few short years has allowed many people to start a new business. It has been an awesome way to develop a relationship with the local community and has truly helped a ton of people relax or with the many ailments that marijuana has […]