4 Sexy CBD Products for Valentine’s Day

4 sexy cbd products for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is around the corners. A day for love and friendship. Usually, if you’re in a relationship you’re planning to spend this holiday with your significant other. Valentine’s Day is a day where you can, and should, display your immense love for one another. It’s also a fun day to get intimate, both emotionally […]

The Best 5 CBD Skincare Products

The best 5 cbd skincare products

It’s a new year, so maybe you’re trying out a new resolution to work on yourself. A great way to take care of yourself is to focus on your skincare routine. CBD products are known to be very beneficial to one’s skin. Chances are, you may already know someone who uses CBD-infused topicals or other […]

Perfect CBD Gifts for Mother’s Day

If you’re having trouble deciding on what to give your mom for Mother’s Day, CBD products are the way to go! Moms go through so much and give so much to their families, it’s only fair to gift them something that will lift some weight off their shoulders. CBD products are great for winding down […]

CBD and Coronavirus: Facts and Myths

If one thing is certain it is that the coronavirus has taken hold of the world and instilled fear in us all. There are many claims floating around out there of “snake oils” and magical cures to rid yourself of the virus. Many are talking about what helps prevent, treat, and cure COVID. In fact, […]

CBD May Help With Anxiety and Stress During Self-Isolation

There are two constant companions when it comes to self-isolation. Those being anxiety and stress and they are horrible friends to hang out with. Many of us are worried about the uncertainty of the future and maybe finding it hard to deal with. However, CBD can be an excellent way to treat the feelings of […]

The Rising Trend of CBD Pet Products

In a recent survey from the American Pet Products Association (APPA), it was found that 67 percent of American households have a pet. That means that over 85 million families own one or more pets. Anyone who has had a furry friend knows that they become much more than just that. Pets become part of […]

CBD Topicals and Best Uses for Them

Cbd topicals

CBD Topicals, or cannabinoid oil, is found in Cannabis plants. Cannabis, both varieties of the plant commonly grown for the CBD oil —Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, were originally grown and cultivated in Asia, especially in the Hindu Kush region, which includes Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tibet.  While one of the properties of marijuana is THC, […]