Cannabis Compounds May Prevent COVID

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That’s right, cannabis compounds may prevent COVID from entering human cells. According to a study from Oregon State University, cannabis compounds, specifically, hemp can help prevent COVID from spreading. This study was announced in January 2022, and has opened up the discussion of what this means for the future of cannabis and the COVID pandemic. […]

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Affects Cannabis Industry

Biden's vaccine mandate affects cannabis industry

COVID-19 affected the lives of everyone worldwide in 2020. In the United States alone, it claimed the lives of over half a million people. Immediately, scientists began working on a vaccine. They based their work on years of vaccine research. Eventually, they were able to develop a working vaccine. Frontline workers, such as doctors and […]

Cannabis Businesses Eligible for Federal Aid

Cannabis businesses eligible for federal aid

Recently, there’s been a major shift in how marijuana is perceived in the U.S. Early this year, multiple states legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Most of these states will open retail until 2024. It seems that we’re steadily moving into a time that’s more accepting of cannabis. So much so that U.S. representatives are […]

Cannabis Events Returning Post Covid

Cannabis events returning post covid

It’s been a long journey since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With the world gaining some sort of normalcy, it seems that events are slowly coming back. This includes cannabis events. The cannabis industry did not go unaffected by the pandemic. In fact, cannabis stocks suffered significantly at the beginning of the pandemic. Recently, they earned […]

420 Celebration Ideas under Covid Regulations

420 celebration ideas under covid regulations

We’ve reached the COVID-19 anniversary. Cheers to us who made it through this unpredictable year, and cheers to the green that helped us through it. Compared to last year, the state regulations are much lighter. This is thanks to the declining numbers of COVID-19 cases and the distribution of vaccines. We can now get together […]

Marijuana Sales, COVID-19 & Unemployment

For many people, 2020 was set to be an awesome year and there were many jokes about having a clear 20/20 vision of the future. 2019 was a horrible year to many and there was a sentiment that once it was over we could get past the worst year in all of our lives. However, […]


Quarantine and cannabis

Since coronavirus hit the scene and screwed pretty much everything up most people have been stuck inside their houses. With not much to do, many have resorted to getting high to pass the time. Nothing makes vegging out and watching movies or playing video games more enjoyable than a toke or a strong edible. In […]

Marijuana Prisoners: Let’s Discuss

Marijuana prisoners

I think if most of us can agree on one thing it is that the War on Drugs has failed us horribly. In fact, it has only shown that harsh drug laws and penalties can be destructive to families and communities across the United States. This is especially true for marijuana, a plant that was […]

CBD and Coronavirus: Facts and Myths

If one thing is certain it is that the coronavirus has taken hold of the world and instilled fear in us all. There are many claims floating around out there of “snake oils” and magical cures to rid yourself of the virus. Many are talking about what helps prevent, treat, and cure COVID. In fact, […]

Does Smoking Weed Increase Your Chances of COVID-19?

How Does COVID Affect the Lungs? Covid-19 is a respiratory disease that causes pneumonia and primarily affects the respiratory tract which includes your lungs. It can cause a huge range of breathing problems from those that are very mild to those that put people in critical condition. Older adults who have underlying conditions such as […]