Weedmap’s Uprooted Documentary on California Cannabis

Weedmap's uprooted documentary on california cannabis

A big fan of documentaries? A big fan of weed? Knock two birds with one stone by watching a documentary about cannabis. In case you weren’t aware, Weedmaps released a documentary on the history of cannabis within California. Weedmap’s Uprooted Documentary on California Cannabis focuses on its journey to legalization, the medical aspect to weed, […]

New Weed Platform By Berner and Weedmaps

New weed platform by berner and weedmaps

Weedmaps and founder and co-creator of Cookies Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., better known as his stage name Berner, have something special in the works for weed fanatics. Together, they’ll be launching a new social media site that’s cannabis-friendly. This is in response to other social media platforms that have anti-weed policies. These policies result in […]

Justin Bieber Releases New Peaches Joints

Justin bieber releases new peaches joints

It’s very frequent for celebrities to jump into the cannabis industry. In fact, as a Californian, it seems that everyone has some sort of connection to the cannabis business. So it may not come as a surprise to hear that Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer, has decided to launch his own cannabis product. Bieber is […]

8 Cannabis Podcasts To Listen To

8 cannabis podcasts to listen to

You’ve heard of weed-related shows, movies, and even music. Now, it’s time for weed podcasts.  Podcasts are a great way to consume entertainment without having to stop what you’re doing. It’s like a talk show, curated to a specific topic or theme. You can listen to them while you work, drive, or hang out. They’re […]

6 Female Celeb Cannabis Brands

6 female celeb cannabis brands

The cannabis industry is continuing to grow. This growth is accompanied by more jobs in the market, along with more businesses. Many have taken this as an opportunity to start their own cannabis business. This includes some of our favorite celebs. People like Seth Rogan, Snoop Dogg, and Willie Nelson, are a few examples of […]

Athletes Who Advocate For Cannabis

Athletes who advocate for cannabis

Cannabis can be beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. Its calming and healing properties are responsible for this. As previously mentioned, there are benefits of incorporating cannabis into your exercise routine. In recent news, American athlete Sha’Carri Richardson tested positive for marijuana. Due to regulations, this caused her to receive a suspension and disqualified […]

Hulu’s Sasquatch: NorCal Cannabis Farms

Hulu's sasquatch: norcal cannabis farms

You want to kick back and watch a TV show. Something new and interesting. Sometimes it is hard to pick a new show to watch. There are so many to pick from, and how do you know what’s good? If you’re into documentaries or true crime shows, we might have the perfect recommendation for you. […]

Celebrities With Weed Brands

Celebrities with weed brands

Cannabis legalization has been an ongoing trend in the United States. Cannabis use is not legal by federal law. But at least 34 states have legalized cannabis use for medical or recreational purposes. This legalization trend has allowed for many people to jump into the cannabis business. Interestingly, many of them are celebrities we know […]

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch High

Best tv shows to binge-watch high

You may be the type of person to get high and enjoy kicking back and turning on the TV. It can be hard to choose what to watch sometimes. There are so many options nowadays. You can watch stoner movies, but maybe you want something easier to digest than a 2-hour movie. Well, do not […]

Music Videos You Need To Watch High

When you’re winding down from a long day, you just want to enjoy a good high. Music pairs perfectly with this, who doesn’t love to set the mood with some tunes? The perfect music can also make for a great 420 experience. Music can help us enjoy our high even more, and the right visuals […]