Mississippi Legalizes Medical Marijuana 2022

Mississippi legalizes medical marijuana 2022

Early February of 2022, Mississippi legalized the medical use of marijuana. This makes Mississippi the 37th state to legalize medical marijuana. This is a big step forward for medical patients who need access to cannabis products. As previous studies have shown, medical marijuana can be extremely beneficial as an additive to a patient’s treatment. With […]

How CBD Can Help Opioid Addictions

How cbd can help opioid addictions

Currently, many still suffer from addictions to harmful drugs. Due to stigma and lack of understanding, many people who have addictions have a difficult time receiving the help they need. They’re forced to live in dangerous conditions with contaminated substances that could potentially lead to their death. Researchers are looking for a solution, in turn […]

Weedmap’s Uprooted Documentary on California Cannabis

Weedmap's uprooted documentary on california cannabis

A big fan of documentaries? A big fan of weed? Knock two birds with one stone by watching a documentary about cannabis. In case you weren’t aware, Weedmaps released a documentary on the history of cannabis within California. Weedmap’s Uprooted Documentary on California Cannabis focuses on its journey to legalization, the medical aspect to weed, […]

Veterans and Cannabis: Treating PTSD

Veterans and cannabis: treating ptsd

Cannabis is known for its medicinal properties. It’s beneficial and can help treat all sorts of medical issues someone may experience. That’s why it is no surprise that it’s been considered to help treat veterans. Veterans can suffer from all kinds of health issues, ranging from chronic pain due to old injuries or mental health […]

Fewer Lung Injuries Linked To Legal Marijuana

Fewer lung injuries linked to legal marijuana

If you smoke weed or tend to buy e-cigarette or vaping products, this news may interest you. A new study has found another benefit to legalizing marijuana on a federal level. Fewer lung injuries linked to legal marijuana, according to a federally funded study. This is big news to marijuana supporters and advocates who have […]

Cannabis and A Healthy Digestive System

Cannabis and a healthy digestive system

Cannabis has been used to promote healthy living conditions for centuries. Cannabis contains multiple properties that make it beneficial during the healing process. You also don’t have to be necessarily ill to use cannabis. It can also help regulate a healthy sleep schedule. With the long list of conditions, it can help treat, cannabis can […]

NY’s Cannabis Control Board Meets For Change

Ny's cannabis control board meets for change

New York is one of the many U.S. states that have legalized weed this year. Although they had legalized the medical use of cannabis for years, they legalized recreational marijuana in early 2021. This was a big event for those who consume cannabis in the state, and especially those who wish to do it legally. […]

California Bill Allows Medical Marijuana in Hospitals

California bill allows medical marijuana in hospitals

After a long, hardworking journey for cannabis advocates, their efforts have finally paid off. Senate Bill 311 was passed earlier this year. This California bill allows medical marijuana in hospitals. In other words, patients will be able to legally use medical marijuana depending on their condition. This is a big step forward in marijuana legalization […]

Weed and Meditation: Does it Help?

Weed and meditation: does it help?

Cannabis helps many people relax and enter a state of tranquility. It can also help you get in the right headspace and allow you to focus. These types of benefits make cannabis a great additive to your health-conscious lifestyle. For example, many athletes incorporate and advocate for weed as part of their exercise routine. But […]

7 Foods To Increase Your Marijuana High

7 foods to increase your marijuana high

Everyone needs to eat. This is especially true when you’re stoned. It may be easy to opt for a typical snack like potato chips or munchies. But it also may interest you to try foods that can enhance your high. When it comes to smoking weed, the main focus for most is to feel the […]