Cannabis Compounds May Prevent COVID

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That’s right, cannabis compounds may prevent COVID from entering human cells. According to a study from Oregon State University, cannabis compounds, specifically, hemp can help prevent COVID from spreading. This study was announced in January 2022, and has opened up the discussion of what this means for the future of cannabis and the COVID pandemic. […]

The Truth Behind Weed and Productivity

Truth behind weed and productivity

Cannabis usage has become a much more normalized activity in recent years, especially here in Southern California. Despite this, there’s a certain stereotype we tend to think of when we refer to someone as a “stoner”. But it’s important to focus on the truth behind weed and productivity. Most think of a lazy, couch potato […]

Veterans and Cannabis: Treating PTSD

Veterans and cannabis: treating ptsd

Cannabis is known for its medicinal properties. It’s beneficial and can help treat all sorts of medical issues someone may experience. That’s why it is no surprise that it’s been considered to help treat veterans. Veterans can suffer from all kinds of health issues, ranging from chronic pain due to old injuries or mental health […]

Fewer Lung Injuries Linked To Legal Marijuana

Fewer lung injuries linked to legal marijuana

If you smoke weed or tend to buy e-cigarette or vaping products, this news may interest you. A new study has found another benefit to legalizing marijuana on a federal level. Fewer lung injuries linked to legal marijuana, according to a federally funded study. This is big news to marijuana supporters and advocates who have […]

Cannabis Industry Lacks Women and Minority Representation

Cannabis industry lacks women and minority representation

It seems that the fight for cannabis has always been a revolutionary one. The constant struggle against the system to legalize weed has been fought by advocates and activists. This may be the reason why many people associate activism and social justice with cannabis. Unfortunately, the cannabis market does not reflect these ideas. In fact, […]

Recreational Marijuana Impacts Real Estate

Recreational marijuana impacts real estate

2021 has been a big year for the push to legalize marijuana. Earlier this year, many states legalized the recreational use of cannabis. These states include New Mexico, Arizona, Virginia, and even New York. What many have not yet considered is how legalizing cannabis affect other aspects of our lives. For example, in New Mexico, […]

New Regulations Allow for Cannabis Research

New regulations allow for cannabis research

2021 has been a big year for marijuana. Specifically, for marijuana legalization. Early this year, multiple states, including Connecticut and New Mexico, legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Although many of these states have taken the first step to legalize weed, their markets are not opening until 2022. Regardless, this is overall good news for […]