Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. Thanksgiving edibles will ensure everyone at your get-together has a terrific time.

South Coast Safe Access has various Thanksgiving edibles that will make your season bright. Here are a few to include at your table.

Thanksgiving Edibles to Include at Your Holiday Table


Gummies are the perfect Thanksgiving edibles. They are easy to dose, fun, and flavorful. They are also smooth on the throat and lungs.

You may include gummies on your adult dessert table. Place them in a clear canister to show off their cheerful colors. Keep them out of reach of children.

South Coast Safe Access carries several gummy products that make ideal Thanksgiving edibles. They include:

Wyld: Wyld is a great choice for Thanksgiving because it offers a 2:1 CDB: THC ratio. The gummies ensure no one will overdo it during the holiday season. They are made with real fruit and feature a hybrid terpene profile that promotes a sense of well-being. They are available in various fruit flavors.

Stiizy: Stiizy is an award-winning brand known for its innovative products. They offer fast-acting resin-infused gummies. They come in various fruity flavors.

Heavy Hitters: Heavy Hitters offers a line of Lights On THCV gummies that provide a clean, energetic high without the edge. Each one is infused with a unique cannabis blend to produce customized results. They come in various fun flavors.

Good Tide: Good Tide gummies feature a solventless hash resin. They are rich in highly sedative myrcene as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes. They offer a mellow, laid-back high.

Happy Fruit: Happy Fruit produces gummies with a solventless terpene-rich rosin. Each gummy is packed with terpenes and cannabinoids that produce a full spectrum effect. The company works with master gummy confectioners to manufacture candies that feature delicious proprietary flavors.


Everyone looks forward to dessert after a great holiday meal. Think of how much more they will enjoy their Thanksgiving edibles if they are cannabis-infused.  

The way you serve sweets to your guests will vary. You may cut and serve baked goods directly. If you have snacky items, like cookies and candy bars, you can bring them out after dinner as a dessert cart item.

Here are some South Coast Safe Access sweets that are perfect Thanksgiving edibles.

Punch Edibles & Extracts: Punch Edibles offers a cannabis-infused Punch Bar made of smooth, creamy milk chocolate.  The brand is known for providing sensibly sized products at affordable prices. Their bars contain minimal calories and sugar. They are available in various sweet flavors. They also carry malt balls.

Kiva Confections: Kiva Confections is a maker of cannabis-infused high-end chocolate bars. Each bar is made with sustainably sourced cocoa, all-natural flavors, and cold-water hash. Try delectable varieties like their blackberry dark chocolate bar.

Cookies: As the brand name suggests, Cookies offers delicious cannabis-infused cookies. They use full-spectrum hash oil for a complete cannabis experience. The cookies come in various delicious flavors.  

Dr. Norm’s: Dr. Norm’s carries a line of Chocolate Chip Therapy Cookies. Each contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. They offer a mellow, focused experience that is ideal for holiday gatherings.

P&B Kitchen: P&B manufactures their cannabis edibles in small batches using the finest natural ingredients and sun-grown cannabis. Their milk-chocolate, caramel-filled bites have a rich, creamy texture. They are soy-free and non-GMO.


Cannabis-infused beverages are the latest trend in cannabis edibles. They are taking over for alcoholic drinks at many social events.

Include cannabis edibles in your cocktail cart. Label them so guests know what to expect. They will be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving edibles collection.

Here are some cannabis beverages you should serve this holiday season.

Heavy Hitters:  Heavy Hitters offers more than cannabis edibles. They also provide a unique line of beverages including the HVY Marg. This fast-acting cannabis drink is rich in terpenes and trichomes. It is lightly carbonated and canned. It is ideal for lifting your spirits.

Rove: Rove is a producer of various tangy cannabis beverages. They will bring the fun to your Thanksgiving celebration. The brand is known for its dedication to honesty, transparency, and simplicity.  

Pure Beauty: Pure Beauty makes tasty beverages with 100% real ingredients. They use concord grapes, ashwagandha, cardamom, and Egyptian hibiscus to develop a drink with an earthy, berry flavor. You can drink it on its own or mix it with other drinks.

Uncle Arnie’s: Uncle Arnie’s offers a line of cannabis-infused fruit juices. They use nano-emulsion technology so you can get as high as you want. Their products are accessible and affordable.

Pamos: Pamos offers a high-potency beverage with a 6:2 THC: CBD ratio. It contains various fruit-based natural ingredients. It is easy to drink and provides a sociable buzz. Drink it on its own or mix it with other beverages.

What to Know About Serving Thanksgiving Edibles at Your Get-Together

Note that cannabis edibles take a long time to hit. But when they hit, they hit strong.

Guests may try edibles at a party to be social and have some fun. But if they don’t have edible-eating experience, they may overdo it.

As the host, it’s important to warn guests of the effects edibles may have. Do your part by setting out small quantities of edibles at a time. Avoid serving overly potent edibles. Choose products with a high CBD ratio.

Thanksgiving edibles will make your holiday celebration fun. South Coast Safe Access has a wide variety available. Our products are safe, effective, and affordable.

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