In this time and age, many people enjoy using marijuana. Whether it’s medically or recreationally, consuming weed is very common amongst people in the U.S. A group of those people includes parents. Due to the narrative constructed around marijuana, there is definitely a stigma between parenting and cannabis. This can make it hard for parents who use cannabis to feel understood and supported by others. But as times are changing, so is the narrative around marijuana. Many parents who do use cannabis are coming forward and sharing their experience on navigating parenthood while using cannabis. By doing so, they foster a community of parents who also use weed.  

The Stigma Between Parenting and Cannabis

It’s no surprise that there’s a stigma between parenting and cannabis. But thanks to the reach of the internet, many parents who use cannabis create platforms to share their experiences. They do this in hope that other parents who also use cannabis know they are not alone. Additionally, it can provide a sense of understanding for those who believe parents shouldn’t use cannabis. 

For example, Leah Campbell shares her story on how she became a parent who microdoses marijuana in her daily life. As a mom who suffers from Stage IV endometriosis, it can be difficult to manage the pain and the life of a mom. One day, she was on vacation with her daughter in Seattle when her period started. She thought for sure her time would be ruined since she is usually bed-ridden when she starts her period since she doesn’t like relying on the opioids that are prescribed to her. 

Luckily, her friend suggested she micro-dose candy and mint edibles. Since then, she experimented with attaining the proper dosage for her needs. Campbell had no intention of getting high, but rather to edge off the pain. Micro-dosing never completely removed the pain, but it definitely made it manageable enough to where she could continue caring for her daughter. 

“I have no shame at all in admitting that it makes me a better mom” she admits. 

Stories like these can create compassion from people who have judgement towards the usage of marijuana. It humanizes the individual instead of focusing on the stigma of marijuana.

Laws Regarding Parenting and Cannabis 

If you’re a parent who uses cannabis, it is completely normal to be worried about laws regarding parenting and cannabis. Most states with medical marijuana statutes protect qualified patients from criminal charges. But when it comes to parenting, it can get a little trickier because you have to care for a child. 

If a parent’s ability to care for a child is brought into question in a court, the parent must prove their marijuana use in no way risks harm to their child. This includes the child’s life, health, welfare, and emotional well-being. A parent can do so by demonstrating that their medicinal use does not outweigh the child’s best interest.  

If you have any questions, it’s always best to examine your state’s laws regarding cannabis and parenting. Each state has its own laws when it comes to this. 

Why Do Parents Use Weed? How Can It Help? 

Parents can rely on using cannabis for several reasons. Cannabis has several healing properties that can be beneficial to the working parent. Not only does cannabis help with chronic pain, but it can also aid in having a healthy digestive system

Moreover, responsible cannabis use can help the stressed out or anxious parent. Here are some ways cannabis can help parents: 

  1. It helps you relax
    1. Instead of reaching for the alcohol, which is what most parents may do, try some weed. While alcohol may heighten emotions, cannabis is known for its calming effects. It may work better as a relaxer for stressed-out parents. 
  2. It offers wellness benefits
    1. Similar to Leah Campbell, microdosing on cannabis can help treat symptoms of both mental and physical health issues. These issues include stress, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, and many more. It’s also a healthier alternative to alcohol. 
  3. It can help you focus 
    1. Cannabis can relax you and make you be more present. This allows some people to focus on the task at hand. Parents can benefit from this by becoming more present when spending time with their children. 
  4. It can boost your energy
    1. After you’ve been relaxed, cannabis can actually also boost your energy and creativity. For parents, this can come in handy. It can help you keep up with your kids and be more involved in playtime. Using cannabis to keep up with small children can help you balance your career and your home life.