Coast- Chill Leaflette Single Tube

Coast’s Chill blend balances cannabinoids and terpenoids that elevate your mood and conjure a wave of full-body bliss. Coast combines Myrcene, a stress-reducing agent, and Humelene, a pain-reliever, to provide relaxation in your body and mind. Supplemental compounds like Beta-Caryophyllene reduce anxiety and promote terpenoid absorption, allowing you to breathe deeper and easier.

Time to Chill…

Kick back with Chill, a thoughtful blend that transitions you into a relaxing sweet spot. Think of it as your own personal happy hour — a golden moment in your day.

Marijuana preroll

Sour Diesel Pre-Roll 3 Pack

Lola Lola joints are packed exclusively with peak flowering bud, all masterfully cultivated in
the magic soil of Mendocino County, CA and hand selected by their third-generation grower.
Each joint is individually sealed for consistent freshness throughout the pack. If you’re
searching for stronger cannabinoids, tastier terpenes, and smoother draws, look no further
than Lolalandia. Sour Diesel Pre-rolls delivers creative and energizing effects coupled with total euphoria. Its active terpene, Limonene is used to treat sress and fatigue with a lemony citrus aroma.

NATIV- White Label Preroll Hybrid

Putting a Nativ twist on the timeless classic; this is their 100% flower Marijuana preroll. Selected from cannabis that meets NATIV’s highest standards of flavor and benefit, their White Label offers a gentle high that’s perfect even for the uninitiated

Marijuana preroll
Create CBD:THC Sativa Prerolls

Create: Energizing, uplifting, and excellent for creative daytime use. Ideal for consumers
interested in a stimulating sativa THC experience with the added health and wellness benefits
of CBD.

Marijuana preroll
Lemon Tree Pre-Roll

Don’t sit under the lemon tree with anyone else but the Marijuana Prerolls Lemon Tree Pre-Roll by Seven Leaves. This citrus-scented joint reeks of an extra diesel stink, with matching lemon and skunk flavors making an appearance upon each exhale. Lemon Tree’s uplifting physical effects make this Hybrid perfect for evening enjoyment.