Below is a list of 5 sativa flowers.

  1. Lemon Peel

    Loaded with citrus lemon aromas and flavor to match, Lemon Peel won’t disappoint. Ignite’s
    sativa-dominant strain is a stress reliever that delivers a full body high that is smooth and
    consistent from start to finish. Perfect for working solo or socializing, it will leave you uplifted
    for all that lies ahead. Stay ready with Lemon Peel. Available in 1g, 1/8oz, 1oz

  2. Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint

    From the farms of 1964 Supply Co. comes their pre-packed Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint
    flower. Each sealed package contains either 1 gram or 3.5 grams of this phenomenally
    nutty-sweet bud. Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint’s flavor profile exudes herbal notes of menthol,
    vanilla, and spice. Its effects are euphoric and relaxing, delivering a mood boost and providing
    creative energy for some. 1964 Supply Co. invited artist Jeremy Fish, whose mortar and pestle                            bunny graces the packaging, to indulge in this flower and create. He fell in love. Sativa dominant.

  3. Sativa Cannabis

    Devil’s Lettuce Rolls are the perfect grab-and-go energizer for Sativa Cannabis lovers. This
    bag contains a full half-ounce of Sativa flower, grown by the canna-masters at Devil’s Lettuce
    Rolls. Grind one of these ladies up, sprinkle it into your bowl or perfectly pack a joint for a
    zesty, energizing cannabis experience.

  4. CHEECH’S PRIVATE STASH – Jamaican Rise

    Start the day in your personal paradise! This Sativa is a perfect match for that weekend wake-n-bake to make you happy and hyped for the day. Enjoy the bright green leaves that are dusted with a consistent layer of trichomes. Like an- electric grapefruit lemonade, this flower perks up the senses and stimulates the mind. The smoke tastes smooth and citric with a faint smell of roasted lemon. This strain creates a stimulating buzz with a cerebral invigoration that reverberates through the body. Thoughts are accelerated, senses heightened and the demeanor is uplifted.

  5. Related image
    Canndescent – Charge 514

    Fires you up with rising energy that clears the head and activates the body so you can dine
    and dance the night away.