The cannabis market continues to grow every day. Technology and apps are slowly but steadily finding themselves a place in the business world. The cannabis market is no exception. Favorable regulations and an increase in interest from investors and developers have opened up this possibility. Applications dedicated to all cannabis sectors are available for consumers. Additionally, such apps work as an advantage for entrepreneurs who are starting their own cannabusiness. Through these apps, they can list products or share their brands with their desired audience. In this digital world, these apps make cannabis news, information, and products easily accessible. Need help on where to look? Here are the top cannabis apps for you. 


WeedMaps is an OG in the cannabis market. This long-standing veteran can be considered the “Yelp” of cannabis. Many people use this site and app for reliable information on products, dispensaries, and other cannabis-related data. The company was established in 2008. The app was released shortly after. Now, millions of people have downloaded the app. Its simple interface and layout make it easy for beginners to use. It also makes locating local dispensaries more convenient thanks to its map feature. Additionally, you can browse their available menus and even read reviews. WeedMaps is first on the list because it’s the top cannabis app for you. 


Leafly is one of Weedmaps’ biggest competitors. This platform has everything you need to know about cannabis. One may even consider it a cannabis encyclopedia. It was developed in the early 2010s. The app provides you with a bunch of cannabis-related info, guidance, and advice. This app can also help you find local dispensaries as well as browse their menus. Leafly can also help you find deals and discounts in your local area. Additionally, they provide the latest news in their own News & Culture section. Leafly is definitely a top cannabis app worth checking out. 


Eaze is a medicinal cannabis delivery app. It launched in 2014. Eaze designed the app to link its adult users (who are 21+) to legally registered dispensaries within their vicinity. Eaze does not grow or sell cannabis. Instead, it acts as a third party catered to the consumer. It provides delivery services with real-time tracking and estimated time of delivery. That’s why it holds the nickname “Uber of Weed”. You’re able to buy both hemp-derived CBD and marijuana products. It’s beginner-friendly and convenient to use. 


Tokr can be considered the future of weed. This app works to create a personalized shopping experience for the consumer. The app asks you questions about your consumption and lifestyle preferences. Then, it takes those answers and curates high-end brands and sellers just for you. It works as a cannabis recommendation and delivery platform. Tokr allows the modern cannabis consumer to connect with brands directly. If you’re looking for personalization, curation, and educational content, Tokr is the top cannabis app for you. 


MassRoots is a social media app designed entirely for the sharing of cannabis-related content. It’s perfect for people who want to share their passion for cannabis. Other social media platforms make this hard to do because of policies and restrictions. However, this app allows users to read and share content regarding cannabis news, pictures, and videos. Additionally, there are blog-style posts. If you want to post your marijuana plant and how big it’s growing, this is the app to do so. Maybe you want to share the biggest joint you’ve ever rolled. MassRoots is the app for you to share such news and updates. The sleek Instagram-like aesthetic makes it easy to navigate. Users can easily find information about the content they are looking for. 


Vana is similar to WeedMaps and Leafly. This cannabis app is gaining a lot of traction. It formerly held the name “Muncheez”, but later changed its name in 2020. This app offers cannabis education, along with dispensary locators. Vana also provides detailed guidance on cannabis brands across the United States. It’s simple and easy to navigate. Additionally, their frequent newsletters announce the latest cannabis deals in your area. 


PotBot is a medical marijuana search engine. It was created by PotBotics, which is a data aggregation and technology company based in New York. This cannabis app is designed with the intention of providing highly personalized guidance on medical marijuana. Additionally, all the guidance and information are backed by the latest research and user-generated reviews. It also uses advanced artificial intelligence to collect this information. PotBot is a top cannabis must-have for patients who want the therapeutic value of weed.