CBD Oil has been hailed as a supplement that has medicinal qualities, and may be able to help patients with a variety of ailments, such as chronic pain and inflammation, seizures, and mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. CBD oils have also been used to regulate sleep patterns. If you are looking for a quality CBD oil for its medicinal value, here are several recommendations.

4 Corners Cannabis

This CBD oil is felt by many in the medical marijuana community to be the highest quality product out there for your medicinal needs. The oil is produced by long-time Cannabis growers who know their Cannabis, so the plant is grown in optimum conditions. Hands down, the CBD oil has been rated the best on the market by consumers, which means it is a little pricey, however, customer reviews of the product say it is worth every penny.

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals has one of the cheapest CBD oils on the market. It is an employee-owned company based in Seattle, with a mission of making a good CBD product that is cheap enough to be accessible to people who need it. They offer CBD oils that are both full spectrum as well as isolates, so you can choose to have a little THC with your CBD oil, or none at all. The company offers programs for veterans and low-income customers get their product as well for a reduced cost. They are highly customer rated for the value of their product and the way they care for their customers.

CBD Drop

If you are looking for a good basic CBD oil that is value-priced but still offers a decent taste so that you don’t have to gag every time you taste it, this is the product for you. CBD Drop is made by CBD Distillery, which was created by three people in Colorado. The oils are sourced from a blend of domestic and international products. CBD Drop is less expensive than 4 Corners, but it is useful for medicinal purposes, especially at the 500 mg level. The company also offers full-spectrum CBD oils.

Kat’s Naturals

Kat’s Naturals is a rarity on the CBD landscape, because it is one of the few companies not based in a Western state. Instead, Kat’s is based in Tennessee and used by many people who want a CBD oil with zero THC. If you think about it, it makes sense for people who are working and holding down a job in the states where any medical marijuana is illegal, you need a product with not a trace of THC, especially because THC can be stored in the body and may cause you to fail a drug test. Kat’s Naturals has no THC whatsoever, so you can take a daily dose without issue. Their flagship product, called Heal, has been getting rave reviews on their customer service, which makes their slightly higher prices justifiable.

Full Spectrum CBD

This CBD oil has a lot of additional plant oils in it, because there is some evidence that CBD oils are more effective when taken with other parts of the essential oils of the plant, such as CBG, CBN and terpenes. Some scientists believe that, taken together, all of these oils produce the “entourage” effect, which means that the oils may do a better job if they are taken in a blend. Full Spectrum CBD is one of the blends that you can try to see if a spectrum of cannabinoid oils are better for you.

Canna Trading Company

Canna Trading Company is new on the scene with their range of CBD products. They offer both isolates and full spectrum products, and they are one of the only companies out there that offer specific products for specific medicinal use. For example, they offer a tincture specifically formulated for anxiety. They also have other products on their website, such as creams and rubs to help with pain and inflammation.

NuLeaf Naturals

This Colorado-based company prides itself on a variety of products and at different sizes, that can be used for many different purposes.  They are also one of the few companies that offer CBD oil for both humans and their pets. While they only market one type of CBD oil, and that is the full-spectrum oil, the quality of the plants they use is top-notch, and if you have been looking for a product for your dog to calm him during those thunderstorms, you may want to give one of their CBD oils for pets a try.