Cannabis helps many people relax and enter a state of tranquility. It can also help you get in the right headspace and allow you to focus. These types of benefits make cannabis a great additive to your health-conscious lifestyle. For example, many athletes incorporate and advocate for weed as part of their exercise routine. But if you prefer something more mindful and spiritually aware, you could try incorporating weed into your meditation routine. If you’ve never considered mixing weed and meditation, you’re probably wondering: does it help? 

Weed and meditation may actually be beneficial in several ways if used correctly. It’s definitely not a new concept and may help you reach mental and spiritual wellness. 

What is meditation?

Meditation is the practice where people use techniques of mindfulness, awareness, and stillness to achieve mental clarity and emotional awareness. It has been around since 1500 BCE. Additionally, it is said to help on the path towards enlightenment and self-realization. 

In mindfulness meditation, you learn to pay attention to your own breath as it goes in and out. Secondly, you pay attention and notice when your mind wanders from this task. This practice of returning to the breath builds the muscles of attention and mindfulness. People typically do this practice while sitting down or laying down. 

When we pay attention to our breath, we are learning how to return to, and remain in, the present moment. Moreover, this helps us anchor ourselves in the here and now on purpose, without judgment.

5 benefits to meditation:

  1. Being able to identify and understand your pain
  2. Lower your stress levels
  3. Connect better (to yourself and others)
  4. Improve focus
  5. Reduce brain chatter

Combining weed and meditation isn’t new 

Hindus have used cannabis in religious ceremonies as early as 1000 BCE. Across South Asia, many cultural groups have incorporated weed into their meditation ceremonies. These include Shaivites, Naths, and Buddhists. Also, during the festival of Holi, cannabis is consumed in a religious drink called bhang. Holi is a Hindu festival that celebrates spring, love, and new life. 

Additionally, the Vedas—historical texts written in India around 1500 BC—name cannabis as one of the five sacred plants. Moreover, many legends describe Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, as a passionate cannabis lover. 

Weed has the ability to heighten your awareness, which may be why it’s been used in all of these spiritual ceremonies. Furthermore, it slows down the mind and helps the person meditation enter a state of “profound stillness.” 

Weed and Meditation: How does it help?

When we consume cannabis, regardless of the form, we experience a mental change. It affects our perspective towards our environment. This mental change can open up the space and leave room for introspection. 

When the body has reached a deep state of relaxation, it allows you to properly practice deep breathing. Allowing your breath to drop down to the lower parts of your abdomen activates your parasympathetic brand of the nervous system. Doing so can help slow your heart rate, digestion, and promote calm feelings. Additionally, meditation revolves around focusing on your breathing. By being able to maintain a deep breathing technique, you’ll be able to remain calm and focused. 

By meditating and consuming some weed, one can achieve heightened awareness. Sensory overload can make it difficult to stay calm and reach mental awareness. The heightened awareness brought on by weed can help people drop into a deep meditative state.   

Meditation helps you focus on the present moment. Allowing outside worries to no longer be the primary focus helps improve your health. Similarly, it can help you gain a different outlook on life. The calming effects of cannabis can also help you achieve a good mental state. 

How to incorporate weed into your meditation 

Smoke with intention

Many people emphasize the importance of smoking with intention. This will help marijuana interact with your mind, body, and soul in a specific way. By setting an intention when you smoke and meditate, you guide yourself. You set a way for how you want to live and show up in the world. 

You also prevent yourself from becoming too dependent on cannabis as a means to relax and achieve spiritual awareness. 

Choose your strain carefully

You want to make sure you choose the right strain for yourself. Indica strains are typically known to be more restful than their sativa counterparts. Indica strains may suit those who prefer meditating in the evening or before bed. Meanwhile, sativas often create a light and energetic mood for those who perform their routine early in the day.