If you like cannabis, you know the munchies. They typically set in 10 minutes to 2 hours after consuming cannabis. You will begin feeling the urge to eat something- typically something salty, sweet, or high in carbs. The search to find the best munchie foods ensues.

Well, we don’t want you to spend your entire high finding the best munchie foods. That’s why we made this list. You can stock up on these items so they are always on hand when you get high.

Why Do Munchies Happen?

The THC in cannabis reacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce effects throughout the body. The ECS plays a role in many body functions, including appetite. It encourages eating munchie foods in the following ways.

It is unknown why humans crave junk food over other foods when they are high. However, a study of worms soaked in THC cannabinoids showed a preference for unhealthy munchie foods. Scientists believe THC enhances junk food cravings that already exist in worms and humans.

What are the Best Munchie Foods to Eat When Stoned?

So what are the best munchie foods to eat when stoned? Here are a few examples.

What are the Best Healthy Munchie Foods?   

Munchie foods don’t have to be unhealthy. Here are some healthy foods that will satisfy stoner cravings without adding to your waistline.

What Munchie Foods Enhance Your High?

Certain munchie foods will even enhance your high. They include:

Do Cannabis Edibles Give You the Munchies?

Yes, even cannabis edibles can give you the munchies. They contain THC which affects the ECS system to increase appetite regardless of how it is consumed.

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