Getting high is a science. You need to be in the right stage of mind. And a lot of that has to do with the time of day you indulge.

So, when is the best time to get high? This article will tell you what you need to know.

Is Morning the Best Time to Get High?

Many people go by the wake-and-bake philosophy. They may believe that using pot in the morning starts the day off right. But some think that pot hits you hardest first thing in the morning.

So, is there any truth to this? Scientists believe there may be.

Weed may hit you harder in the morning because you don’t have any nutrients in your system. There’s no food to help absorb the marijuana chemicals so the weed hits you harder. It is similar to how alcohol hits you when you haven’t had anything to eat.

Wake and Bake Tips

If you choose to consume pot in the morning, here are some tips that will get you the best results.

Is Evening the Best Time to Get High?

Despite the more powerful effects of weed in the morning, some people believe the evening is the best time to get high. They can put the day behind them and relax. They don’t have to worry about being unable to function at work and the boss putting them on a bad head.

Weed smoking could be the perfect thing to do right after you get home from work but before you eat dinner. The weed will enhance the taste of your meal. It will heighten the senses to make food more delicious.

Is Nighttime the Best Time to Get High?

My bed is my the best friend

Others feel that nighttime is the best time to get high. Its sedative effects help you get to sleep.

If you are going to take weed at night, choose an indica strain. Indica weed has relaxation effects. It will be most effective at helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Is 4:20 the Best Time to Get High?

There are many myths behind the 420 correlations to weed. However, most believe it is tied to a group of high school students in San Rafael, CA.

In 1971, the students, who called themselves the Waldos because they hung out by a wall outside the school, would meet up at 4:20 PM every day to smoke pot. They would meet by a Louis Pasteur statue so their code for meeting was 4:20 Louis. Eventually, the phrase was shortened to 420 and became code for the time for them to smoke pot.

The phrase caught on and soon, people around the world were using 420 as a signal to get high.

So, is 420 the best time to get high? It depends on your schedule. If you get out of work early enough, it’s a good time to chill out, relax, and work up an appetite for dinner.

Your Exercise Routine Could Tell You the Best Time to Get High

Young black man and a sporty woman practicing yoga lesson, sitting in Sukhasana exercise, Easy Seat pose, working out, indoor close up focus on mudra gesture, studio

Weed may help your exercise routine. It may provide a better experience if your workout involves relaxing movement. Yoga and Pilates are great examples.

However, you should avoid smoking pot before a workout. Smoking pot can irritate your lungs and make it difficult to breathe. If you choose to use weed before exercising, edibles, oils, and capsules are a better option- especially if you are doing cardio.

You may also choose to use weed after your workout. It can aid with muscle recovery. CBD is especially effective at healing sore muscles.

Find the Best Time to Get High Considering Your Schedule

There is no best time to get high. It depends on your schedule and your preferences. Most people will avoid getting high right before they work. Others smoke pot during the workday because it helps with creativity and focus.

You may also choose to smoke weed to unwind, enjoy food more, exercise better, or get some quality sleep.

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