Cannabis is emerging as the new trend in natural healthcare. It is legal to some degree in most states. It is recognized for its ability to treat various conditions.

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But your weed experience is contingent on the quality of the weed you use and the cannabis dispensary you purchase it from. So, what should you look for in a cannabis dispensary? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Must-Have Characteristics of a Cannabis Dispensary

Quality Weed

Undoubtedly the most important characteristic of a cannabis dispensary is good weed. The dispensary should carry trusted brands that perform lab testing. They should stock up on products from well-known names in the industry.

If you are new to the world of cannabis, you may not know which brands are best. Look around at other weed sites to see which are stocked most often. Names like Kush Co., Stiiizy, and Alien Labs will come up. If a lot of dispensaries are carrying the same brands, it means they are reputable.

You can also search online and look at reviews to find out which brands you can trust. Visit their sites to find out if they do lab testing. Lab testing ensures the brand’s products are pure and potent as advertised.

A Vast Selection

A cannabis dispensary should have a good selection of products. In addition to flower, they should also carry various edibles, oils, pills, tinctures, pre-rolls, concentrates, topicals, and vape oils. They should sell accessories like vape pens, dab rigs, pipes, bongs, and rolling papers.

You can look online to determine a dispensary’s cannabis selection. But bear in mind, that the shop may have different items than what’s sold online. You may want to combine in-store and online ordering to get the best products for your well-being.

A Variety of Services

Most dispensaries offer three services: online, in-store, and weed delivery. Choose a dispensary that offers all three options, so you have plenty to choose from.

In-store shopping is a good option because it allows you to speak to a budtender about the products, and you get your weed right away with no additional fees.

Weed delivery is ideal because you can have weed delivered in just a few hours without the need to commute. Delivery fees will apply, but it may be worth it considering what you save on time and gas expenses.

Online ordering is a little riskier because you must wait for your weed, and something could happen during shipping. However, it means you can get weed delivered to your home, and many dispensaries offer free shipping if you spend enough money.

Good Customer Service

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A cannabis dispensary must focus on customer service. Many people who come into a dispensary don’t know much about the products. They don’t understand variables like cannabinoids, terpenes, strength, and dosage amounts.

A budtender can help. The budtender should have the knowledge to tell customers which products are right for them. They may also provide advice on dosage and how to use the product.

Some companies also provide budtender services for online and weed delivery customers. You can call their customer line and talk to a budtender about which products are right for you before you place your order.

Reasonable Pricing

The cannabis industry is still highly unregulated and sometimes pricing can get out of hand. Do some price comparisons to ensure your cannabis dispensary charges fairly. Consider additional costs like weed delivery charges and shipping for online products.

Many weed companies offer specials that make pricing more affordable. They may offer early bird specials for morning customers, weekly specials, and holiday deals. Contact the company to find out what discounts they offer so you can save money when you shop.

Location, Location, Location

Consumers should shop at dispensaries in their area to cut down on travel time and ensure weed delivery is available. Many states are seeing a weed industry boom ensuring a cannabis dispensary is never far away. But if there aren’t any in your area, online ordering may be the best option.

Reviews and Recommendations

Not sure if a cannabis dispensary is reputable? Check out their online reviews. Reviews will give you an indication of the dispensary’s quality of service and products. They will let you know if you should shop there.

If you have weed-using friends, you can also ask them for recommendations. Find out which shops they like to go to. They will guide you in the right direction.

Licensing is Essential

Legalization is increasing, but there are still a lot of unlicensed dispensaries out there. Unlicensed dispensaries may seem like an attractive option because they tend to be cheaper than licensed dispensaries. But they often sell unregulated products that are not as pure and potent as advertised.

Unlicensed dispensaries also undercut licensed owners who are trying to make an honest living.

So how can you tell if a cannabis dispensary is licensed? Many states have websites that allow you to search for a dispensary license. California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control announced a program encouraging licensed retailers to post QR codes in store windows that can be scanned by customers to verify licensing info.

Do some research to find out about licensing information in your state.

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