Bills dealing with cannabis and CBD Oil in OC are making headway in the statehouse.

In fact, Thursday morning, state lawmakers voted 94-yes, 0-no, to pass a resolution calling for an interim study of medical marijuana.

There’s traction too, with a bunch of CBD oil bills budding in the Statehouse.

Thursday morning, a House committee, passed a bill legalizing the sale and possession of hemp by a vote of 12 to 0. State Rep. Jim Lucas, a Republican from Seymour, said his House Bill 1137 includes CBD oil.

State Rep. Jim Lucas said “Absolutely. Hemp oil, which people know as CBD oil. Again, this removes the cloud of confusion Indiana’s been struggling with for the past several months.”

That confusion swirls around the legality of CBD…or cannabidiol oils in Indiana.

In November, Indiana’s Attorney General, said CBD oil is illegal except for patients of treatment-resistant epilepsy. But, contradicting that in December, the Governor told us CBD oil, with no THC, is legal in our state. State Rep. William C. Friend, a Republican from Macy, said his CBD oil, House bill 1214

passed committee unanimously Wednesday. He too says his bill cuts the confusion.

State Rep. William C. Friend explained “By saying that it is a legal substance and should be treated as an herbal supplement. The THC is less than 3/10s of a percent. There is no opportunity for a high.”

The Legislative Services Agency tells me there are at least 10 bills floating around that focus on CBD oil in OC. At least 4 other bills mention the cannabis-derived oil.

State Senator Jim Tomes, a Republican from Wadesville, said he co-authored the “Zero THC Hemp Extract” Senate Bill 52, which passed committee Tuesday.

State Senator Jim Tomes explained If we can get it passed in the formula it’s in right now, I think our citizens will be happy with it.”

House Speaker, Brian Bosma, feels like the climate among lawmakers is changing

Brian Bosma explained “Well. I think lawmakers are catching up to what many consumers already knew; that this is not a dangerous product. I believe part of the reason this has legs this year, is the prosecutor’s association has come to that conclusion also at least in great part.”:

Those bills mentioned in the story now continue to move through the House and Senate, respectively.

According to the Legislative Services Agency, these are the following bills that focus on Cannabis-derived items

Senate Bill 214

Senate Bill 280

Senate Bill 294

House Bill 1273

Senate Bill 310

Senate Bill 52

House Bill 1137

House Bill 1224

House Bill 1214

Senate Bill 371