So you are driving through Southern California, and are you looking for a place to buy some Orange County edibles, or maybe you are looking for a medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana. All of the dispensaries you see look official, but how do you know for sure?

All legal dispensaries in the State of California must be licensed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. You can go online to check whether your favorite shop is legal or not, but in the meantime, here are few dispensaries that are licensed for medical marijuana, recreational marijuana or both.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Farmacy, Westwood

The Farmacy in Westwood offers 150 designer and medicinal marijuana products for its customers, and offers a 10% discount to medical marijuana patients. They also offer a rewards program that gives you gifts and discounts on the products you buy for being a regular customer.

California Caregivers Alliance, Silverlake

Originally started by a group of people who were suffering from chronic conditions and were actively involved in the state’s legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, CCA offers vapes, edibles, creams and rubs for inflammation, and different strains of Cannabis, depending on your medical needs. This shop still operates as a helping organization, and accepts donations for members who cannot afford to buy their own medicinal marijuana.

Happy Leaf Collective, West LA

This shop is for medical marijuana users only, so if you are going, be sure and bring your medical card. The collective offers many different selections of Cannabis, both Indica and Sativa, as well as vapes, creams and pills containing CBD oil. Because the collective serves medical marijuana patients only, they do ask for donations, again for those patients who cannot afford to buy their own medical marijuana. If you donate to the collective, you get a gram or a joint, depending on the amount of money you donate.

Cornerstone Research Collective, Eagle Rock

Like the other medical marijuana dispensaries on this list, the CRC has a soft spot for medical marijuana patients, such as those who are suffering from PTSD or who are undergoing chemotherapy. However, unlike the other collectives on this list, Cornerstone is actively engaged in medical research on the Cannabis plant. The collective is seriously looking to forward medical advances regarding the medical uses of Cannabis

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

South Coast Safe Access, Orange County

At South Coast Safe Access, you will find a dispensary with dozens of marijuana options. No matter what type of effect you are looking for, they have something to help you. There are edibles, many strains to choose from, vaping products, drinks, oils, and even clothing you can look up.

420 Central, Santa Ana

This store has a lot to choose from, and is known for its selection of edibles. The store also has a wide selection of CBD oils and vape cartridges. The staff is also known for its friendliness and knowledge of all things Cannabis. If you are looking for a store in the Orange County area with a vast supply as well as a top-shelf staff, go check this store out.

ShowGrow, Santa Ana

Another great store in the Orange County area, ShowGrow is known for its infused flowers as well as its prerolls, which makes life nice for you if you are on the go, and don’t have time to kick back and roll your own. The store has a nice selection of hybrids, more than most stores in the area, in addition to waxes and shatters, which aren’t always available at dispensaries.

DTPG, Arts District, Los Angeles

Looking for a great place to buy recreational marijuana products, but don’t really want to leave your house — or you’re just too lazy to get out of bed. No worries. DTPG is one of the only recreational marijuana shops that delivers to you. They offer Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains, as well as vapes, candy, CBD oil –even medicated treats for your pets — and who doesn’t need those during a thunderstorm?

Bonafide Collective, Burbank

This shop has one of the largest selections in Southern California, and their knowledge base is staggering. Their strains are all lab-tested for purity and quality, and the pride themselves on keeping up with the current research into marijuana trends. This store also sells resins, extracts and a wide variety of edibles. They have the reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable stores in the business, so it’s a great place for a novice to come get their feet wet.

Whether you are looking for a new shop that offers you a wide variety of all things Cannabis to try, or whether you are looking for a medical marijuana shop that dispenses Cannabis as well as information about some of the products that might help you with your pain, inflammation, or symptoms of chronic illness, you are sure to find a licensed store close by.