Vaping THC has started to dominate the marijuana industry these days and is becoming one of the hottest trends when it comes to marijuana. For many good reasons too. Vaping weed is discreet, fast, easy, and really does the trick. Oftentimes, a marijuana vape pen can easily be mistaken for just your average nicotine pen which is awesome for those not wanting the looks of judgment. But as with anything popular, there is a sharp rise of cheap knock offs. Unlike what you would find at a reputable dispensary, these knockoffs are using inferior ingredients that are hurting and even killing some people.

Killer Clouds

In 2019 at least 33 deaths in 24 different states were linked to vape-related illnesses. According to the CDC 1,479 people were confirmed to have e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury also shortened to EVALI. Of these cases, 849 could recall what product they were using before becoming ill. Of the 849 cases, a shocking 78 percent of them were using black market THC containing vape products. This was shocking news that spread through the vaping community fast. It led to posters on convenience stores warning about the hazards and has even led to legislation that would regulate vape products even further. It is no wonder that after the release of some do-it-yourself videos on the internet, there was a huge uptick in vape related injuries. This was the home DIYer making a product and releasing it to the black market and it proved to be a very dangerous thing.

Very Little Regulation

The vape industry for a long time now has been like the wild west with no real rules and no forms of regulations. This can be a huge problem for consumers as someone could be whipping up the vape juice in their basement with little knowledge of what they are doing. Add that to an already black market in most states when it comes to weed and you got a recipe for almost certain disaster. It is always best to buy your e-liquids from a reputable dispensary when getting THC vape products and a reputable smoke shop when just going for the nicotine variety. It is not worth taking the chance on a product with no strong backing or from a shady shop.

Inferior Ingredients

The biggest issue with these black market THC vape products is they are made with ingredients that are often inferior or just downright dangerous to use. Sometimes when these products are made the producer will use cutting agents to increase the profitability. One item that shows up very often is vitamin E oil, also known as vitamin E acetate. Although this product is harmless when consumed or put on the skin, it has been shown to be dangerous when vaped. This oil is legal and commercially available and has often been added to THC oil used to fill vape cartridges.

Where to Buy Weed Vapes?

When buying a THC vape cartridge it is best to buy it from a reputable dispensary. The products that find their way to certified dispensaries are made with the best quality ingredients available and do not contain any vitamin E acetate. When it comes to legitimate products not intended for the black market, they are regulated by the state to make sure they are safe for the consumer. If buying from a certified dispensary you can be sure that the products you are about to consume will be free from harmful chemicals and sub-par ingredients.


If you have to stick to the black market, then it might be best to stick to things like the flower where you can see and smell the quality and there is little room for adulteration. When using black market THC vape products you are essentially gambling with your health and even your life in some cases. Weed vape products that are not regulated or are not held to the highest standard of production have hurt hundreds of people and even killed some. When it is possible, be sure to buy your THC vape products at a certified by the state dispensary or else you could do some serious damage to your body.