Edible weed products are taking a huge share of the marijuana industry these days and there are many reasons why. They taste great, are easily transported, and can even be used to microdose. Within legal states, there are many companies that produce some excellent tasting and fairly strong edibles. If you are new to this though, then you may be asking yourself what exactly are weed edibles? Why are they the best choice for me? Read on to find out what and why!

What Are Edibles?

Weed edibles are food products that have been infused with THC extracted from marijuana. They come in an impressive array of options such as cookies, gummies, hard candies, mints, rice crispy treats, and of course the classic brownies. Depending on the dispensary there can even be other types of treats offered and sometimes drinks. Weed can be infused into almost anything that can be eaten or drunk and people continue to experiment day by day. A great thing about edibles is that they come in an assortment of strengths too. From just a few milligrams to hundreds per edible making it easy to find the best dose that works for you.

Benefits of Weed Edibles

They Taste Awesome

First and foremost is that edibles taste great. With such a huge variety of options, there is sure to be a delicious treat for every palette. There are many producers out there who have perfected the art of making edibles where you can barely taste the marijuana at all. Even if you can still detect it some people swear the taste of chocolate and weed complement each other very nicely. Either way, it is better to enjoy a tasty treat rather than smoking a bitter taste.

They Hit You Stronger

It is no secret that edibles hit much stronger than smoking does. Although it takes longer from the point of ingestion, eating these kinds of products can provide a stronger and usually a much more pleasant high. Some users report smoking pot gives them paranoia, but eating it does not. This is because eating weed makes it easier to take a consistent dose, which brings us to our next point.


Edibles are easier to dial in and take a precision dose also called micro-dosing. Producers make THC edibles in an array of strengths from 1mg to hundreds which can be great for figuring out the dose that works best for you. A great idea is to start with 5mg and work your way up until the desired effect.

Discreet and Easy to Carry

Another virtue of edibles is that they are easy to bring with you to just about anywhere. Hiking, camping, or even just heading to a party, edibles are simple to just throw in a pocket or your backpack. They are also discreet and do not reek of weed. This makes it easy to use without raising any eyebrows or suspicions. It just looks like you are enjoying a delicious snack.

No Smoking

Last but not least is that edibles get you the effect you are looking for without hacking up a lung or stinking up your home. This way nosy neighbors or roommates can stay out of your business. Another great benefit of not smoking is that the smoke is not harming your body in any way. We all know some problems out there have been linked to the act of smoking so it might be best to avoid it altogether. Edibles make it easy to be a non-smoker but still have some recreational fun. Furthermore, you would not have to invest in things such as papers or pipes that would be required to smoke marijuana.

Some Great Edibles

With the legalization of pot in so many states, there have been a bunch of companies that have emerged offering edibles. This has led to a myriad of companies that have outstanding and great tasting edibles. Some of these companies are Korova, Kiva Confections, Venice Cookie Company, Big Pete’s Treats, and Kaneh Co. When looking for a quality treat with a great taste be sure to look out for these!

Whether looking to try marijuana for the first time or looking for another way to use it these are some great reasons why edibles may be a better choice for you!