Beboe is 100% naturally cultivated cannabis. Above all, they are an upscale line of cannabis vaporizers and edible pastilles.

Scott Campbell is known throughout the world as being one of the most talented tattoo artist. In particular, having tattooed many celebrities and luminaries. Over the last few years, he has gained much acclaim from the fine art community.  Furthermore, he is an experienced cannabis grower. Campbell created Beboe because of his mother. To enumerate, she was diagnosed with cancer. Campbell’s childhood memories were filled with baked sweets. His grandmother would bring a batch of brownies to the kids.  But a special batch was made separately for his mother. Afterwards, Campbell realized that the special brownies made for his mother were infused with cannabis. This helped with his mother’s nausea that was brought on by the sickness. To this day, Campbell strives to help others with marijuana’s positive health benefits with Beboe.