Crown Genetics

“Crown Genetics has been providing the highest quality Cannabis products since 2014. Our Indoor farms produce some of the industry’s top selling OG’s in the game. All of our packaged products come with full sized, hand picked nuggs, and a humidity pack to preserve quality. Our packaged flower comes in either grams or eighths with strains ranging from Dizzy OG, Crown OG, King Cookies, Director’s Cut, and more!  Indoor farm partners allow our production team to produce consistent pre-rolled joints and palm leaf blunts. Our pre-rolled joints come in a variety of favors in both singles and 5 packs. Crown Palm Leaf’s are our premium, artisanal line of hand rolled blunts, featuring whole nuggs in 100% palm leaf material. 

Live resin is a new popular form of cannabis concentrate. Live resin has been rising in popularity in recent years because of the strong aroma and flavor granted by a high terpene content. There’s no better smell than popping the lid off of a container filled with our live resin. Crown live resin comes from locally sourced high grade indoor cannabis. We work with our manufacturing partners to produce products at their peak stage, capturing all of the flavors, cannabinoids and texture of high quality live resin. Our lineup includes products such as Badder, Diamonds, and Sauce in  a variety of mouth watering flavors.   

Of all the concentrates, shatter is the most potent — it goes through an additional filtration process to get rid of other naturally occurring fats and waxes — which is how it manages to pack its active ingredients in crazy high amounts of THC. Our Shatter goes through a multi-step process to produce clear, great looking product with powerful punch of tasteful flavors. You can expect the same great strains such as Dizzy OG, Crown OG, Director’s Cut and more to come!”