Kings Garden Royal Delivery

The Kings Garden foundation is built on Quality and Creativity. With massive industrial cultivation, manufacturing, processing, distribution and transportation facilities, Kings Garden prides itself on reliability and ingenuity. Kings Garden is 100% legal and compliant, and operates only licensed entities in the State of California.

Kings Garden Royal Deliveries is a Recreational Cannabis Delivery service that delivers in Palm Springs, California and the cities surrounding. Their dispensary offers customers safe, and reliable access to high-quality cannabis products. King Garden provide a delivery service because they know you’re busy! No need to wait in a long line at the dispensary, they’ll bring your meds straight to you! Their online ordering system allows you to conveniently browse and checkout through the menu which reflects current inventory levels so you will always know what they have in stock (yay)! Kings’ goal is to keep their customers safe, discreet, and comfortable while providing them with the best service and cannabis products.