Vive is an owner operated business; completely self-made, with zero Investor involvement. They are grinders and dreamers who collaborated to form ViVE and went on to create, formulate, and produce each of the products, with their own hands, hearts, and minds.

They aim to provide the tastiest, healthiest, and easiest method of cannabis consumption to give customers natural cannabis products, which are safe and easy for all to enjoy. Cannabis therapeutic wellness is a wholly personalized experience; regardless of whether it is for Medicinal or Recreational purposes. Vive exist to help people fine tune their cannabisexperience through wellness.

ViVE is a California lifestyle. Adventure seeking, enjoying fresh food, chasing the sunset, discovering extraordinary views, constantly creating new memories from coast to coast. Vive envision a world where people aim to do better, be good, and live absolutely from the heart. To be a student of life, forever seeking knowledge and skill, living life to its fullest extent.