A wink can be subtle, discreet + can mean anything. It can also be fun, forward + a beautiful way to start a conversation.

 W!NK was created because they knew women deserved more than what they were being offered – and because they wanted you to be able to choose your conversation. Whether you prefer to W!NK™ discreetly, or share what you know – they support your decision. Wink built their brand as women for women, and because of women.

The founder of W!NK™ began developing customized cannabis products to help a friend battling cancer and its treatment in 2015. It was then that she realized she could fill a massive void in the alternative health market.  W!NK™ was established in 2016 to offer products that restored women’s power: that allowed them the option of how little or how much, that delivered consistent results and that bestowed its benefits discreetly.

W!NK™ has quickly grown to include a series of products aimed at educating and empowering women who want to enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabis + hemp (CBD) products.