Famous for his roles in movies like “Pineapple Express” and “Knocked up”, Seth Rogen is an actor, director, and producer most known for his stoner persona. His characters and stories entertain us with humorous plots relating to stoner culture. Although he usually makes us laugh, it turns out that now he’ll also be getting us high. This iconic stoner is launching his very own weed brand, Houseplant, in the United States. 

About Houseplant

Houseplant was created and founded by Rogen and his filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg. The both of them worked and made a deal with Canopy Growth, a cannabis company based in Canada. As a result, Houseplant was created and launched in Vancouver, Canada in May 2019. 

Houseplant is dedicated to providing customers with quality weed and products. The idea behind the brand is to share quality weed that Rogen and Goldberg curated and regularly smoke. “For people who love weed by people who love weed.” It prioritizes quality, potency, and overall enjoyability for the consumer. They personally smoke each strain and evaluate its effects, ensuring a high standard of weed. 

Houseplant also specializes in the production of ashtrays, table lighters, and even specialized vinyl LP’s dedicated to the strains they offer. The ashtray set is designed by Rogen, who has recently indulged in the art of ceramics. 

In an interview for Cision, Rogen states that “Houseplant is a passion [they’ve] brought to life through drive and dedication.” The actor explains how Houseplant is a result of the education, experience and respect they have towards cannabis. It’s very obvious the amount of thought and effort they have put into their cannabis business. 

Since education is an important value in their brand, Houseplant is dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience while working to address the racial inequalities in the cannabis industry. They work with, “industry leaders, legal teams, politicians and non-profits to help the unjustly incarcerated.” 

Since their launch, Houseplant has only operated within Canada. Until now. 

Launching in the United States

The actor announced the launching of Houseplant coming to California in a Twitter thread in early March. In a video included in the thread, Rogen explains his weed brand and the products they’ll be selling. These items include cannabis buds, ceramics, lighters, and much more. One of the strains featured in the twitter thread is Pancake Ice sativa, which is 33% THC. 

“Our Pancake Ice is what I smoke everyday,” Rogen states in the post. It goes back to their slogan of “if they wouldn’t smoke it, Houseplant wouldn’t sell it.” 

Many fans went crazy over this announcement, many excited to potentially buy from this brand. At the time of the announcement, I was unable to reach Houseplant’s website. Rogen’s announcement reached his 9 million followers who then hurried over to the website to find out more and stay updated. Unfortunately, this caused the site to crash. 

Houseplant officially launched in California mid March.

Additionally, there’s an important note for those interested in buying from Seth Rogen’s weed brand Houseplant. You can order Houseplant’s home goods, such as lighters and ashtrays, from anywhere in the U.S. But ordering cannabis products is only available to those living within California due to federal regulations. 

Currently, the website is functional and offers 4 strains: Rainband (indica), Pancake Ice (sativa), Pink Moon (indica), and Diablo Wind (sativa). All of which are sold out. 

Currently, Houseplant continues to expand. It is now available for sale at different cannabis retailers across Los Angeles. 

Naming Strategies

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Rogen explained the process behind the naming of Houseplant’s strains. Rogen refers to when they created the name “Pineapple Express” years ago for their film, and how it eventually became a strain name. He explained that it’s based on the weather system that hits the Pacific Northwest, which is where they’re from. They transferred that concept over to Houseplant’s strains as a homage to themselves. 

Other Celeb Cannabis

This is not the first time we’ve seen a celebrity dive into the cannabis industry. 

American country musician and actor Willie Nelson also has his own canna-business called Willie’s Remedy. His brand sells coffee and tea infused with hemp oil. Then there’s infamous cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg. He owns Leafs, which sells from cannabis flowers to concentrates to edibles. And finally, Martha Stewart, a famous American T.V. personality. Stewart has a personal and business friendship with Snoop Dogg and was most likely inspired to release her own line of CBD products because of it.