Cannabis can improve well-being in many ways. But you will be unable to consume it without the right cannabis accessories.

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There are various cannabis accessories to choose from. Here are some you should add to your collection.

Cannabis Accessories You Need in Your Collection


Vaporizers contain a battery-powered heating chamber that produces heat. It vaporizes weed when you press a button or inhale the weed. Just place the weed in the chamber and vaporize it according to the device’s functionality.

A vaporizer provides a more potent smoking experience. Its heat allows THC to dissolve in the plant material. As a result, you get stronger hits each time you inhale.

The vaporizing method also eliminates toxins, so you have a healthier smoking experience.

South Coast Safe Access carries PAX Plus and PAX Mini vaporizers. Both are highly portable and work quickly. They have long battery lives and an improved oven screen.

Beginners will prefer the PAX Mini because it’s easy to use. More advanced users may choose the PAX Plus which offers various preset modes for a customized experience.  


Bongs are popular cannabis accessories. They are similar to vaporizers because they vaporize weed to provide a more potent and cleaner smoking experience. Simply fill the chamber with water, fill the bowl with weed, and inhale.

There are some critical differences between bongs and vaporizers. Bongs are not as portable. Unlike vaporizers, they do not have to be charged to work. However, some vaporizers do not need electricity.

Many people think vaporizers are healthier cannabis accessories because, unlike bongs, they do not produce any smoke. However, bongs can be as healthy as vaporizers if they are smoked properly.

We have various bongs in stock. Our Hidden Emerald Bong is made of 100% borosilicate recycled glass. It can be converted into a dab rig. We also carry bongs from The Syndicate that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Pipes provide a convenient smoking experience. Just break up the weed, place it in the bowl, and you are good to go.

We have a wide selection of pipes available. Our Strawberry Pipe looks just like a strawberry. We also carry a pickle-inspired 3” MJ Pack glass pipe.

Rolling Paper

All weed smokers know how crucial rolling papers can be. They allow you to roll joints so you can enjoy a convenient smoking experience.

There are several rolling papers you can use. For example, we have Lift Tickets Rolling Papers available. They come in various flavors. They are resin-infused for an optimal high.

We also carry Inadaze King-Sized papers. They are perfect for rolling an extra fat fatty.

Users can choose papers based on size, flavor, and other features. However, it’s crucial to remember that some rolling papers contain toxins. Choose hemp-based papers for a healthier smoke.

Rolling Trays

Rolling joints can be challenging. If you roll on a surface in your home, such as a coffee table, you will never gather up all your weed. You will undoubtedly lose some in cracks and crevices. And what happens when your disapproving roommate finds the residue?

Rolling on the fly can also be problematic. You may struggle to find a private location that allows you to roll in comfort. And it’s likely these on-the-go solutions will result in even more weed loss.

A rolling tray is the answer to your prayers. The tray will collect all your weed so you can easily return it to its container or baggie. It will provide a surface for you to roll on when you are out and about.

South Coast Safe Access carries an Inadaze Rolling Tray. It features a sturdy construction and a magnetic lid. It can double as a carrying case when you are traveling.  


Humidity can destroy your weed. Too much humidity increases the risk of mold and mildew contamination. Too little humidity will cause your weed to dry out, so it won’t be as effective.

A humidor maintains humidity levels to keep weeds fresh.

Customers who smoke blunts may be interested in our El Blunto Custom Humidor. It is designed to accommodate five blunts. Its high-quality wood and glass display top makes it an attractive option.

Vape Cannabis Accessories

People who vape weed will need a variety of vaping cannabis accessories on hand. The most critical item is the vape pen.

Vape pens can be disposable or non-disposable. A disposable vape pen will be discarded when the battery runs out. A non-disposable pen features a battery that detaches from the cartridge and can be recharged as needed.

You can also purchase batteries separately. For example, we carry a Halara Premium Dual-Charger Variable Temp Battery. It features an extra-long battery life and dual charger-compatible charging ports.

We also carry various vape cartridges and vape pens that can be purchased together or as a set.


Grinders grind up weed to ensure it’s at a perfect consistency before you smoke it. The L.A. Kush grinder is made of anodized aluminum. Its precision machined teeth ensure your weed is well ground. It features a mesh screen filter and a removable lower chamber.

Dab Cannabis Accessories

Dabbing is a highly concentrated form of weed. A dab can be a glass-like substance (shatter) or it can be waxy. It is heated to an optimal temperature to allow it to melt. It can then be added to weed or other smokeable products to increase intensity.

Dabbing is a complicated process. The dab is heated on a dab nail. A dab tool is used to make the process easier.

We carry various dab cannabis accessories that make dabbing more convenient.

Consuming weed would not be possible without certain cannabis accessories. South Coast Safe Access carries various accessories in our Santa Ana and Costa Mesa locations. Contact us to learn how we can make your weed-consuming experience more pleasant.